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Enlarge Pupils Colored Contact Lenses HD Polar Lights (Green)

Kimberly Nguyen
Still my fav lens almost 5 years later. The green is so natural/translucent that it melts into your iris color and makes them look like they're your own. Must try if you like natural lens....

Natural Color Contact Lense Simulated Iris Daily Wear Brown

Liam M.
I placed on order for these, but never received the shipping info. I thought that I had been scammed or they were out of business because of Covid as I emailed them multiple times but never got a response. However, around 2 months later the parcel showed up at my door. I ordered June 21st and received them August 18th. They fit comfortably and the color is very pretty. The lenses are very thin and easy to pop in and out. They almost feel like daily lenses because they are so thin and comfortable. I'm leaving this review to let people in the U.S. know that your order may take 2+ months to show up and you may not get tracking info. These lenses were very cheap and shipping was only a few dollars, so the only drawback is the insane shipping time and complete lack of communication. I'm happy with the product though and think the prices are amazing on this site, so I'll definitely buy again if I don't urgently need new lenses....

Color Soft Contact Lenses Moistening Eyes (Brown)

Karina U.
I really loved this contacts, a rice subtle green. For an everyday look. I got a lot of compliments. Only complain is that they get too dry, if not it would get 5 stars. ?...

Color Prescription & No Prescription Contacts PRO Khaki Eye

Alexis Render
Very good, delivery took a while but it got here

Soft Colored Contact Lense Sexy Morning Fog Gray

Ernest Brown
Fantastic items!! Will buy from here again

Sparkling Stars Colored Contact Lense Milky Way Purple

Arianna Langford
So many compliments

Soft Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses Polar Aurora Gray Eye

Highly disappointed and saddened by this contact lens. :( it doesn't change the color or even lighten my eyes.. All the reviews and pictures makes one think these are opaque when in reality they are barely a tint.. If you are trying to lighten or color change and you have dark eyes, do not do these, they will not do it. Also the center of the eye is horrible .. These made me sad.
On the flip side, delivery was EXTREMELY quick. I've ordered several pairs thru this company and always a delight to do business with.

Amazing Colored Contact Lense Stars Milky Way Pink

Ilona Bishop
Super comfortable and cover the dark brown on my eyes ^^ Soooo happy with them :3

Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses Glassmarble Glass Crystal Ball Style (Green)

On my dark brown eyes, they don't change or lighten like the pic shows. More of a tint but that's all. It Will Enhance dark brown eyes and makes a sparkley brown greeny type of color :) Absolutely will keep going thru pplens! Love their service!...

Amazing Colored Contact Lense Stars Milky Way Pink

Laura Waldo
Super comfortable and cover the dark brown on my eyes ^^ Soooo happy with them :3