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Enlarge Pupils Colored Contact Lenses HD Polar Lights (Brown)


These are so unbelievably amazing, definitely the best brown contact lens I've tried and I've been a contact lens wearer for over 10 years. Every brand from Geo, Eos, Neo (Korean) to Thai or Brazilian brands like solotica - you name it, I've worn them. These lens are incredibly natural and transparent, just a slight pop of colour to make your eyes 1-2 shades lighter, and the difference is so subtle that it looks like my real eyes, even up close! (With most other brands, the blending is transparent enough that it looks realistic within 20-30 cm, but due to the colour difference, you will always notice the colour difference between my lens and actual (Dark brown) eye at the pupil hole. Love them and will definitely be stocking up!
Date Added: 04/11/2017 by Kimberly Nguyen